Welcome to My Year of Living Poetically

Do you ever stop and think about the magic of words? How the hell do we take the static storm of instinct and the velvet chains of desire and articulate them so that we can maybe, just maybe, understand one another in this maze of conflict and confusion?

Do you ever wonder how your fingers find the right keys without you consciously thinking ‘this one, nope over here, yes, that word! That’s the one.’

Do you ever sit with a pencil and freeze from the possibilities of a blank white page?

Words have a will of their own and every time you let them loose, they bring about a turbulent power. Good, bad. Like us, it is all a matter of choice and intent.

Wield them wisely, friends. Wield them kindly. Words are among the last of this world’s wild magic. They should never be tamed or chained.  Just pet them enough that they purr and if you’re lucky, curl around you on a cold winter night.

I am thirty-three years old today and this is my year of living poetically. I will (over)share words with you. Words that resonate with my not-so-sophisticated soul. There will be an abundance of quotes, art, and poetry (all the bad poetry will be personally written by yours truly). This is the goal for my thirty-third year on this earth, to reawaken the delight of possibility by searching and sharing some magical words every day.

 I absolutely suck at follow-through so I hope that by putting this commitment into words, the the magic will sustain us and that you won’t mind stumbling along as we wallow in the enchantment and wonder of words. The feelings they from, the delight they deliver, and their ever mysterious ways. 

The more the merrier. Welcome to my Year of Living Poetically. 





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