How to Ask Someone to Let You Love Them 

How To Ask Someone To Let You Love Them

I think you keep secrets under your skin
like trees keep rings and do not know it,
like the sea teems,
like dark and quiet space
keeps every ray of light
the stars whispered to one another
when they were still young
and dying to make love.

I think you keep secrets in you
like the desert keeps sands,
like sleep keeps dreams,
like cities keep sleepless people
and people looking for sleepless people
to fall asleep next to.

I think you keep secrets
like secrets want to be kept,
and I want to learn them all.



Sometimes I grow
so tired of speaking
my emotions to you.

I open my mouth
and dust spills out
instead of feelings.

Dust, and the yellow
wings of moths,
and brittle paper,

scrawled over
with riddles that
lack solutions.

I am coughing up
the black twists
of candle wicks,

oil slicks
and crow feathers
and afterbirth

and all the ash
of every forest fire

to show you
how I feel.

This poem © Gabriel Gadfly. Published October 10th, 2012.